A sight from under the wings I will name a guest actor in the sequel and you will say if they are playing a new character you created or one from the original Star Trek canon.<...> OK and the big one, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Roberto Orci: Canon.

*** When do you think there will be the first rough cut?

Roberto Orci: Probably in a month. What has been the reaction from the studio so far?

Roberto Orci: It is always nice to hear nice things from the studio and they are over the moon. They were very complimentary when we wrapped and some said they thought it was better than the first one. But you know they want to encourage us.

*** What about you? What have been some of your reactions to the footage you have seen so far?

Roberto Orci: I am such a Star Trek fan that I’m not sure I would dislike anything we have shot so I’m not sure I’m a good source. I see them all in uniform on the ship and I’m like "Wow! This is great! New Star Trek!" But I’m the wrong guy to ask. But every few weeks during dailies I would see a new email chain go around with stuff like "Did you see that scene yesterday?" "Did you see Spock in that new close?" "Did you see Cumberbatch make it sound like poetry?" So to hear other people chattering about it is encouraging. And it’s big. It’s so big. It’s epic. We just really went for a bigger version than we did last time, because of the trust.

Черт, дайте мне послушать Бена, который make it sound like poetry! И не убирайте далеко Спока in that new close, пожалуйста ))

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