A sight from under the wings
Бенедикт продолжает вскользь отвечать на незаданные мной вопросы ))

Ссылка на видео.

Это длинная китайская (??) промоинтервьюшка (во всяком случае, с китайского ресурса), там есть и Джей-Джей, и немножко Криса с Заком, и Зои. То что заинтересовало меня, идет примерно с 2:20 до 4:00.

- Sherlock and a vulcan share a lot of things in common, don’t you think?
- How so?
- They’re both very logical, very smart, highly intelligent

- I don’t think... Maybe you’ve got a point, yes.
I was trying to make a comparison between Watson being Kirk and Sherlock being Spock and they sort of fell apart, they're both great double acts, they both need each other, they balance each other out, the impetuous, impulsive and emotionally driven nature of Kirk - and the logical calculating cool and calmness and politeness of Spock. And with Watson and Sherlock it’s kind of bleed around a little bit, Watson wants danger, like Kirk does, but he also can ground Sherlock, he gives him a visible amount of empathy and understanding that he’s a part of the world around him, not separate from it, and Sherlock gives Watson a key to a world of adventure and excitement that he wouldn’t have if he was a retired army doctor.
So, mmm...
Spock and Sherlock... Spock’s very polite, Sherlock is incredibly rude and makes no bones about it, especially if it has to do with mediocrity or if somebody he feels is wasting his time. Spock’s concise, but he’s not impatient. But they’re great double acts and it’s great partnerships, male partnerships.

Кстати, мне стало любопытно, что за double acts он имеет в виду. А это вполне себе термин, в вики есть целая статейка об этом, там даже классические Кирк со Споком упоминаются вскользь. По-русски это комический дуэт ;)

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