A sight from under the wings
В рамках промокампании The Fifth Estate позавчера вышла очень славная статья в Washington post.

(фотограф Тобин Гримшоу, кликабельно до 2500)

Надеюсь, кто-нибудь сделает полный перевод )) а меня заинтересовал рассказ о том, как Бен работал над фильмом, пытаясь, с одной стороны, выступать адвокатом Ассанжа во всех спорах, а с другой, внутренне примириться тем, что сам "персонаж" не одобряет его работу.
Как отметил Кондон, ситуация была слегка шизофреничная: актер пытается вжиться в роль персонажа, который в это же время шептал ему: не нужно становиться мной.

One result of the exchange was that Cumberbatch become something of Assange’s advocate on the set, demanding that his point of view be aired when others had had their say. “It was great, because it was sort of like having Julian there,” says “The Fifth Estate” director Bill Condon. “This was a movie where there was more conversation about the context of scenes than almost any I’ve done, which was really stimulating. Because it forced you to look for the 10th, 11th, 12th time at the validity of what you were dramatizing.”

Cumberbatch admits now that he was “really kind of winded” by Assange’s last-minute plea. Condon recalls his frustration at not being able to stop the correspondence, which was clearly rattling his leading man. “I realized what an unfair position it put him in, in a way he didn’t even understand. Can you imagine? It’s almost like being schizophrenic. Because you’re walking around thinking like a person who’s also saying, ‘Don’t be me.’ I’ve talked to him about it and he said, ‘I wanted to take that on because it’s part of understanding his predicament.’ I think he’s right, but I still feel like I saw the torment that it put him through.”

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